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Shout Out To These Two Little Caesars Employees For Coaching Up And Critiquing A Thief As He Was Robbing Their Restaurant

Love this move from these two employees that I gather by the YouTube comments may be a Little Caesars in New Jersey. Look, we're all trying to get better together. That's the message that Coach Judge has instilled in us since he took over Big Blue. It doesn't matter if you are an employee of the New York Giants, a Little Caesar's, or someone trying to rob said Little Caesar's. At the end of the day we are all on the same team of humanity and need to pick up our fellow man whether it's reminding him to wipe those prints, suggesting the cash register would be easier to mangle in the comfort of his own home, or giving a tutorial on how to use a fucking crowbar.

I know there will be hardos saying if it was their store, they would've stopped this guy. Settle down, Wahlberg. You gonna get put in the ER over some of Little Caesar's dough? FUCK NO. Not even in this coronaeconomy! I guarantee no Caesar big nor small was going to fly from Rome to Jersey so they could personally thank these guys for fighting a moron with a crowbar. Instead, these two Employee of the Month candidates should be applauded and promoted for coaching this guy through what appears to be his first robbery ever to help get him on his feet, calling in police that are professionally trained to handle the matter, and also convincing the customer not to be a hero, which ensured that customer will be healthy enough to spend money in that fine dining establishment once it reopened in the very near future. This week they moppin' floors, next week it's the fries pizza has never been more spot on. Great work all around gents!