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Wake Up With Elisabeth Shue‘s ‘Babysitting Blues’

Today another episode of Season 2 of "The Boys" lands on Amazon. And so far the new season has given us another chance to appreciate national treasure Elisabeth Shue despite Season 1's ... well, I won't spoil that. I'm just glad she's been on the earlier episodes.

Elisabeth Shue is the Roger Clemens of actresses. She came right out the gate as one of the best in the business. Got even better in her mid-career. Is still dominating at an age (she's redefining what 56 years old is like) when most are way past their peak or retired. And there may or may not be some performance enhancers involved, but no one cares because either way the results are spectacular. 

So here's her doing "Babysitting Blues," from "Adventures in Babysitting." If she's Clemens, this was the 20 strikeout, 0 walks game from his MVP season. And 33 years after the fact, she's still on top. That is a Hall of Fame career if ever there was one.