The Browns Are So Back


Listen, I know it was a 5 point win against a team that won 2 games last year, and I know we gave up 30 points, but I don't care. The Browns are so back and anyone that disagrees didn't watch the game last night. Putting up 35 points on primetime television in front of a captivated nation? This is what we were all waiting to see on offense. People were left wondering if that was the Cleveland Browns offense or a High Grade Armory store. Because there was a overwhelming supply of weapons on the field! And let me be the first to thank God for finally blessing us with a head coach that understands that to use those weapons, we first need to our run the damn football. 

Nick Chubb - 22 carries, 124 yards, 2 TD

Kareem Hunt - 10 carries, 76 yards, 1 TD, 2 catches, 15 yards, 1 TD

That is Cleveland Browns football. It has to be. I mean, there's no doubt in my mind that the Browns will have two 1,000 yard rushers this season. And that will only help out Baker more and more. Because just like that, boom, play action happens and OBJ gets himself a touchdown too. Everyone's happy. It finally all looked like it clicked. Baker Mayfield looked one million times better this week than he did last week vs. the Ravens. Sure, the level of competition matters, but that was the Kevin Stefanski offense we were all waiting to see.

Obviously, huge shoutout and game ball goes to Kevin Stefanski. He just beat the record of a little known guy named Bill Belichick for youngest Browns coach to win an NFL game. And now he's only 347 wins away from passing Don Shula for most all time victories. I loved the offense. I loved the attitude we came out with. I even love how we handled the embarrassing performance in Week 1. The ONLY thing I didn't love from him was going for it when we were up 8 instead of kicking a field goal....

I 100% agree, Kevin. 7s (way too confident that we'll make the extra point) over 3s are a huge deal. But 11 over 8 is an even huger deal, right? You gotta get up two scores when you can. Either way, it all worked out because Myles Garrett is a freak and had a strip sack a couple plays later. All I'm saying is I love the aggressiveness, but let's play smart too. But that's my only gripe -- that and giving up 30 to the Bengals. But folks, I'll tell you what, Joe Burrow is going to be the real deal. The AFC North is going to be in good hands for a very long time when it comes to Lamar, Joe, and hopefully Baker.

The way I see it, Baker's career started with a Thursday Night win and it may have just been revitalized with a Thursday Night win. He needed this more than ever. A loss to the Bengals last night honestly might've put the nail in the coffin for a lot of Browns fans with this guy. Callers would've been ringing the phones off the hook today calling for Case Keenum. But now Baker is back baby. Did you see that fist pump after the first score? Had a little something extra on it. Baker heard you all (and me) this week. I love an angry Baker. I just hope he keeps that same energy and doesn't become over confident Baker again. Because this team is now right in the thick of things baby!! The best part about being 1-1 is the opportunity to go 2-1. And the Browns have a damn good chance at that after this 10 day break. Hosting the Washington Football Team next Sunday? Already 4.5 favorites in a little town we like to call Las Vegas? Folks do not let these Browns get to 2-1 because if so, you're going to start hearing the P word coming out of my mouth......

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Not yet guys. We're only 1-1. But 2-1 is a much different story…..