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This Season STINKS! - Big Brother Week 6 Power Rankings

Yikes. Another week, another few episodes with very little drama. "The Committee" alliance has been in power since Day 1, and that continued to be the case this week. Dani had to nominate FOUR houseguests for eviction, but eventually, former winner Ian was sent to the jury house in the tightest vote of the season against Tyler. Here is a brief recap of the week:

Week 6 HoH: Dani

Pre-Veto Noms: Kevin and David

Disrupter: David

Post-Disruptor Replacement: Tyler

Veto: Da'Vonne (used on Kevin)

Post-Veto Noms: Tyler and Ian

Evicted: Ian (5-3 vote)

Week 7 HoH: ????? NO SPOILERS!

Week 6 Power Rankings

10. David - Hey, David made a big game move this week! But what a horrendous acting job, as the entire house sniffed it out right away regarding the Disruptor power. As hard of a time as I've given him on these blogs, I'm actually rooting for him to win HoH or a veto to shake things up. We desperately need it.

9. Kevin - Aside from getting taken off the block this week thanks to Da'Vonne, Kevin laid pretty low this week. But as the numbers continue to dwindle, he needs to make a move ASAP.

8. Memphis - The reason I have Memphis so low despite being on the right side of the numbers all season long is because he really hasn't made any flashy moves all season long. The one time he had power, back in Week 2, Nicole A. was evicted. We really haven't seen much of him since then. 

7. Da'Vonne - After surviving the block last week, Da'Vonne had a really impressive week. Despite Dani having to nominate four houseguests, Da'Vonne stayed alive. The fact that she won her first EVER Big Brother competition certainly helped. America is rooting for you!

6. Dani - Talk about a brutal HoH reign. Have I mentioned that Dani had to nominate FOUR houseguests for eviction? I will admit that the Disruptor situation was just bad luck, but she did stay loyal to her alliance. No matter how you spin it, having to put up nearly one third of the house will result in some blood getting on your hands. The one things Dani does have going for her is the fact that there are still a few bigger targets sitting in front of her in "The Committee."

5. Nicole F. - The former winner was truly in the middle of everything that went down this week. Nicole was the swing vote, kind of. Even if she flipped, Dani would have most likely kept Tyler in the 4-4 tiebreaker vote. She did all she could to try to keep Ian, however, the rest of her alliance would not budge. I think Ian will definitely appreciate the lobbying by Nicole, which is something to monitor if she makes it to the end when it comes down to jury votes.

4. Tyler - What a wild couple of weeks for the comp beast. From nearly trying to self evict a week ago, to being a replacement nom via a power this week and surviving by a couple of votes, Tyler has really been all over the place. He has Cody and Enzo to thank big time, because Dani definitely wouldn't have been mad to see Tyler walk out the door during her HoH reign.

3. Christmas - After being a part of one of the biggest arguments of the season a week ago, Christmas did a solid job breezing through this week. She went with the flow and stuck with her alliance. That is important, but her No. 1 in Tyler's name keeps getting thrown around. That is something to watch.

2. Enzo - The Meow Meow continues to have an A+ social game, which puts him in a great spot. He is friendly with pretty much everyone, and dating back to his original season, has never really been blindsided. It'll be interesting to see what happens when "The Committee," which he is not a part of, brings his name up, and if his other allies decide to turn against the aforementioned group, or take out Enzo. 

1. Cody - He finished in second place during his original season, but Cody has positioned himself beautifully so far in this game. We really haven't heard his name get brought up much this season, if at all. He has a feel for everything that is going on.


16th - Keesha

15th - Nicole A.

14th - Janelle

13th - Kaysar

12th - Bayleigh

11th - Ian (Jury Member #1)

Disclaimer: Keep in mind these Big Brother blogs will ALWAYS be spoiler-free. I realize a lot of you watch the feeds and like to know winners/noms before the episodes air, but I won't give away any of that on here.