Bengals Backdoor The Hell Out Of The Browns -6

The Bengals went down the field to bring the game within one score with under 6 minutes to go in the 4th. Anyone with Browns -6 was hurting, but not completely out of it. I wouldn't have really qualified the Bengals as a backdoor cover at that point, but it was a late 4th quarter score and they weren't covering the number for the entire 2nd half until then.

The Browns responded...but left too much time on the clock.

Joe Burrow went and did this:

Anyone with Browns -6 saw that coming. Just a brutal, dink and dunk drive to secure the cover.

P.s. I'm just a salty Browns -6 bettor, but the Bengals going 5-5 on 4th Downs throughout the game was annoying as hell.