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The Strip Club 'Magic City' Is Supporting Lou Williams In These Trying Times By Taking Nuggets Off Their Menu

I love Magic City. I'd argue that nobody has benefited more in the bubble than Magic City. Not Jimmy Butler, not Jamal Murray, it's Magic City. They had all the free press when Lou Will was spotted in the club when he left the bubble to go to a funeral in Atlanta: 

Then the world got to see just how delicious these wings looked:

Shit, Lou Williams even trademarked 'Lemon Pepper Lou' which are his wings at Magic City:

Now they are doing the smart thing by taking care of their biggest customer. You take nuggets directly off the menu. You don't want Lou Williams walking in there, seeing that word and not spending money. Just Business 101. Although it got me thinking, they need to name something Playoff P. Maybe that's how you order a water there? They just need something like that to really toss in the news. 

I still gotta try these wings though.