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Joe Buck Got Hit With A Surprise Announcement On Live TV That He Made The Hall Of Fame

Oh fuck yeah. I didn't know if we were doing surprise Hall of Fame announcements or even Hall of Fame announcements in general because of corona. But seeing someone find out they have become football immortality is 10000/10 every single time because of the raw emotion of the recipient of good news as well as the sheer size of the man mountain that goes by the name David Baker. 

Joe Buck has taken a lot of criticism over the years, some of it deserved. But you can't argue that when you hear his voice, it feels like a bigger game and when he takes away someone's man card on Pardon My Take, they cease to be a man after Joe essentially rips their dick and balls off with his mouth like a rabid badger.

Hopefully the people in Canton are working on his bust now.

I wonder if things are going to get weird between Joe and Troy considering how Troy reacted to Joe's news.

Vs. how Troy reacted to news Jimmy Johnson got in.

That's clearly two different level of work friendships playing out there. I guess calling football games and playing/coaching football games are sliiiiiiightly different.

Also I wouldn't be doing my job as a Giants blogger if I didn't point out Joe Buck's biggest black mark on his resume, completely underselling the most iconic play in his iconic career.

I hate to say this as a Big Blue fan, but shout out Troy for putting some life into that call.

Speaking of life, I gotta include the video of Artie Lange completely steering the Joe Buck Show off the rails once upon a time. 

I am going to blog this video tomorrow morning to kick off the day but wanted to include it for everyone who gave me this click tonight. If you click on the morning blog, comment "Tse tse fly" for a Clem hug redeemable anytime I see you after coronavirus disappears

Anyway, congrats to Joe for getting into Canton with his pops, which is actually cool as fuck, even though Joe played that off wayyyyyy too cool, especially with the emotional dad stuff being narrated by America's Sweetheart Paul Rudd. Yeah I'm saying I think Joe Buck was tipped off on this announcement by his media cronies (you knowwww Joe Buck calls people "cronies") because David Baker always gets tears from his target, whether it's through good news or physical violence.