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While The Celtics Are Throwing Shit And Yelling At Each Other, Let's Check In On What The Heat Are Doing In Their Locker Room

Oh, well that seems slightly different than this: 

Oh you just HAAAAAATTTTEEEEEEE to see it. One guy who is a star in Jimmy Butler not hunting for his shot and making game-winning defensive plays and letting guys like Goran Dragic stay hot while the Celtics see a 2-3 zone and have no idea how to play basketball. And sure Spo is coaching laps around Stevens the first two games, but there's something to see this reaction in the locker room. The Heat have been down double digits, they could have folded. Instead they are sharing gourmet food and worrying about a ring while the Celtics blow leads and throw shit at each other. Probably turned it over too if I'm being honest. 

Remember how the Bulls, Sixers and Wolves all said it was Jimmy Butler and not them. Yeah, I'm starting to think maybe you want Butler on your team instead. Seems to be working out alright in Miami.