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Russia Has Declared Venus A Russian Planet.

Science Times - Recently, scientists have found evidence of biosignature in the atmosphere of Venus, which may indicate the presence of life in some form on the planet. Shortly after, Russia's space chief claims that Venus is a 'Russian planet' because it has been sending probes on the planet.

Since 1970, Russia has been landing probes on Venus and has been planning for a new mission to continue exploring the planet.

The new mission is still in its planning stage and is likely to be conducted with NASA. However, Dmitry Rogozin, Roscosmos' boss, said that they are also planning a separate Venus mission that is likely to be conducted without any help from any country.

Rogozin said that the exploration of Venus is now one of their agenda. They are currently preparing the Venera-D project in cooperation with NASA, but they are also considering their own mission.

"We think that Venus is a Russian planet, so we shouldn't lag behind," Rogozin said. The exploration of Venus is part of the space missions by the Russians for 2021-2030, included in the united government program.

“Our country was the first and only on Venus. Our equipment was there, and it conducted research. In general, it is a living hell,” Rogozin said.

The Russian state-owned news agency TASS reported that Lev Zeleny of the Russian Space Research Institute said that Russia is already planning at least three research vehicles sent to Venus. However, it is still unclear what type of research vehicles that will be.

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Thank you Bill for a beautifully thrown challenge flag here.

What kind of horse shit is this Russia?

This isn't kindergarten where you can just point to something and say "mine".

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Or calling shotgun while you're still inside the house.

There are rules here Putin. This isn't nam.

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We own the moon (The United States, not Barstool. Yet) because we actually physically went there. (Allegedly?

We sent American humans, (two of our greatest mind you) not drones, there, and planted our beautiful flag in it.

Until you actually send Yaroslav and Bogdan to Venus, and we see them plant your flag in it it's not yours. Far from it you commy bastards.