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Shame on Sunset Park Elementary School for Not Letting This Kid Wear His Hooters Mask

In parts of the country where school has resumed in-person, masks are obviously a critical part of keeping everything running smoothly. But apparently in Orange County, Fla., you can only wear a mask as long as it isn't awesome.

Fifth-grader Ian Golba was forced to remove his Hooters mask at Sunset Park Elementary School after his dad said he had been wearing it for weeks without a problem.

WFLA — “There is nothing offensive or derogatory about this mask,” Greg Golba said.

Golba and his 11-year-old son Ian don’t understand why he had to remove his Hooters mask on Tuesday.

“I don’t think it’s offensive at all, it’s just a restaurant,” Greg Golba said.

Hell yeah, Greg.

What is the actual problem here? This kid was being too cool? In a time when everyone is trying to get people to wear masks, we're going to discourage kids from wearing one of the coolest masks you can find?

Ian was the most popular kid at Sunset Park and then he had that status symbol ripped from him by the fun police. This is everything wrong with public education in America.

And this is in Florida, quite literally the birthplace of Hooters. It may as well be the state restaurant. Hooters is actually so engrained in the culture of Florida that I believe I could make a reasonable argument there is no inappropriate connotation to it in that state whatsoever.

Free my man Ian. He didn't do anything wrong.

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