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John Daly Hitting Golf Balls Out Of People's Mouth Just Feels Right

Not sure on the time stamp of this because he just revealed he's going through cancer treatment. But if you know John Daly then you'd imagine this is actually part of said treatment. Like yeah we're going to put you on a pill regimen and a bunch of other medical shit but we're also going to need you down on the range a few hours a day hitting balls out of people's mouths and doing trick shots and ripping cigs and being John Daly. Maybe not the treatment plan for everyone but again we're talking John Daly. You don't name one of the best summer cocktails of all time after this guy then lock him in quarantine. You release him into the wild and let his body naturally heal under the bright lights of a Las Vegas blackjack table with a couple of decent, legal hookers in tow. 

Anyways, US Open tees off in a few hours. I know the game has gotten more competitive and all that bullshit. But truth be told we need more John Dalys. We have enough try-hards. Give us the fat boy hillbillies ripping cigs and hitting sand wedges 155. That's my kind of championship golf. That's the way you debate.