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Quick Update From Kanye West's Best Friend Rick Fox: Kanye West Has Been Suspended From Twitter

Idk what Kanye got kicked off Twitter for. I suppose it could've been absolutely anything he did for the last day straight. Anything from releasing confidential contracts to saying the NBA is a slave organization to pissing on a Grammy to doxxing the editor of Forbes magazine and just tweeting his cell phone number to begging for retweets from celebrities (this one isn't suspendable but it should be), I'd guess any and all of those can make you catch a suspension from Jack.

The real surprise to me here is that Kanye West and Rick Fox are close friends? So close that that's who Kanye calls to tell the world he got suspended? It wouldn't surprise me if they were friendly or whatever, bumped into each other at crazy sex parties in Calabasas and were cordial, but the person you call to alert Twitter about suspension is a tight-tight friend. Like, the only person I'd call is Kevin. But here's Kanye West, using his Twitter jail phone call to have 3x NBA Champion/actor/Vanessa Williams' husband/Canadian/eSports owner Rick Fox drop the news on everyone. 

Also, Rick, you're not a news broadcaster. Maybe add some personal commentary to it? It's Twitter, don't be so uptight. How bout trying "My friend Kanye West has been kicked off Twitter because fucking OBVIOUSLY. I'm trying to talk him down but he swears he can't be cancelled and is just gonna keep trying." If you're really friends you don't deliver the news like you're on 60 Minutes, you also make fun of him for being a lunatic.