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Jim Carrey Is Joining The SNL Cast This Fall To Play Joe Biden

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TDB - NBC announced on Wednesday that actor Jim Carrey will be joining Saturday Night Live to play former Vice President Joe Biden when the show returns to 30 Rockefeller Center for its 46th season on Oct. 3.

During SNL’s season finale in May, Alec Baldwin appeared to indicate that he was playing President Donald Trump “one last time,” but executive producer Lorne Michaels revealed in a new interview with Vulture that he will return as well to face against Carrey’s Biden in the five consecutive episodes that will precede the 2020 election. Former cast member Maya Rudolph will return as Kamala Harris and current cast member Beck Bennett will continue to play Mike Pence.



I have a Jim Carrey take- he is one of the most underrated *actors* of our time. Not just comedians, but actors. Between Truman Show, Man on the Moon, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, he proved he is not only a great comedic actor, but can turn on the dramatic acting chops with the best of em. It's a shame physical comedy doesn't get love from awards shows, because his work in The Mask, Ace Ventura, Me, Myself, and Irene and Cable Guy are all top notch. Jim Carrey can take a character and take it up 10 levels unlike anyone else. 

But after all those Academy Awards snubs (seriously, how was he so viciously snubbed for Man on the Moon????), he seemed to be like "ah, fuck it" and stop taking on serious roles. Which is a shame, because he's great and deserved better. We're sort of seeing the same thing with Adam Sandler right now getting snubbed for Uncut Gems, and I'd say Carrey is a much better actor than the Sand Man, no offense. 

What was this blog about? Oh right right. Jim Carrey is joining SNL to play Joe Biden, which I think is really cool because Jim Carrey infamously was rejected by SNL in 1980 and lord knows how amazing he would have been on the show based on the audition alone.




But now at the age of 58, I think it's pretty cool Jim Carrey is going to be a weekly regular on the show (for at least a month, let's not do politics here, for the love of Jeebus). The comedy/SNL nerd in me is glad that with his storied career, all that he's done, all that he's accomplished, he's going to be a featured player on SNL. There's something cool about that to me. And yes, Jim Carrey is 58. Fuck. That hurts. But better late than never, and you know once he gets on the set the writers are going to start pitching him other sketches besides Biden. And that's what I'm excited about. Biden will be's the other things he will *hopefully* do that we have to look forward to.




Oh man, PS: I forgot about another great role, Liar Liar. He is just the absolute GOAT. Any role he takes. He is one in a billion. He's just so good.