Maya Moore AKA "The Female Lebron" Gave Up Her Season To Free An Innocent Man From Prison, Then Married Him

Jessica Hill. Shutterstock Images.

Really cool story that I didn't see go up on the blog yet. If you don't remember, Greenie covered it earlier in the summer — Maya Moore took a "sabbatical" from the entire 2019 season to fight to get a prison sentence overturned for a wrongly convicted man, Jonathan Irons. (Read the complete NY Times profile here.)  

Serving a FIFTY YEAR sentence for burglary and assault charges, that "wrongly convicted" isn't an opinion: due in large part to Maya's work, he was freed in July.

I'm not what you'd call a WNBA fan exactly, but Maya Moore is one of those rare female hoop players that any man who even casually watches sports knows because she was just that good. I think the list is like Lisa Leslie, Sheryl Swoops, Rebecca Lobo, Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, Candace Parker and Maya Moore. 

 They're not exaggerating when they say the Female Lebron:


Normally that's where the movie ends, but Maya and Jonathan took it a step further — like, a lot further. 

They announced on GMA today that they got married. Like already locked it up. Husband and wife. 

Ill-fitting suit aside, you gotta feel good about a story like this. From thinking you're going to rot in prison for the rest of your life for something you didn't do, to fist-pumping down the aisle to Chris Brown-Forever with the woman who got you out of there embarking on a new life where your biggest worry is getting smoked in driveway one-on-one for the rest of your life by your wife.