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In Its Latest Attempt to Sabotage Its Own Sport, MLB Is Not Allowing Players to Post Themselves on Their Own Social Media

I'm glad we have a current player as good as 2021 Atlanta Brave Trevor Bauer who is willing to consistently call out Major League Baseball on its seemingly never-ending draconian bullshit. This time, it's MLB's new social media policy for players, which gets more ridiculous with every word you read.

Among the various rules, players are prohibited from "using an MLB Entity's logo, mark or written, photographic, video or audio property without obtaining proper authorization." Now i don't know what obtaining proper authorization entails, but that means the picture Bauer posted above of *himself* during a game is in direct violation of MLB's policy.

Every time you'd think MLB has reached the pinnacle of stupidity in destroying its own self-interests, it outdoes itself. In an era when basketball and football highlights flood social media in real-time, MLB doesn't even want its own players posting about baseball. What kind of crazy nonsense is that? How can you expect anyone to like your sport when even your own players are being censored from posting about their own job? It's sheer lunacy.

I love baseball. I believe it is a sport so deeply intertwined with the fabric of America that I want other people to love it as much as I do — and as much as everyone used to. But it's really difficult for anyone to make an argument on MLB's behalf as to why someone should watch when there are things like this out there.

We need more players like Bauer who are willing to speak out against MLB and take a fine or two in hopes that eventually enough players speak up and force MLB's hand.