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TYFYS: The Bin Laden Raid, D-Day, And The 188 Day Mission To Save Big 10 Football

Paul Natkin. Getty Images.

If tomorrow all the sports were gone, 

I’d watched for my whole life 

And I had to start The Bachelor, 

with my daughter and my wife 

I’d pray to lucky stars, 

for Dave H. to save the day 

The F in football stands for freedom, 

and you can’t take that awaaaaaaaaaaay-ayyyyyyyuuy


'Cause I’m proud to be an American

where Big 10 is on TV (TV!)

And I won’t for-get the men who dieeeed 

who gave that right to meeee

TYFYS (thank you for your service) David Hookstead we're all grateful for your sacrifice. Thank you. 

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*You now it's a good (bad) blog when I feel the need to add 'Yes, I realize he was joking'. This song popped in my head on the subway & I thought it was fun & I ran with it SO LAY OFF ME
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