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Yasiel Puig Opening Two Beer Bottles With His Teeth Is A Pro Move


So since the Iowa Professional Baseball team isn’t going to the MLB playoffs this year I always like watching the celebrations of other teams that win their divisions and celebrate like maniacs.  Few things are better than watching a bunch of grown men spray beer and champagne all over each other in celebration.  I wish there were more moments like that for people in real life.  I really do.  Average Joes don’t get the chance to have a plastic-lined room and endless bottles of beer simply to spray everywhere very often.  We need more of them.  Somebody at your offices gets a promotion?  Go nuts.  A guy finally sleeps with the hot chick in the office?  Go crazy.  Barstool Iowa inexplicably becomes a thing?  Pop bottles.  I’m for anything that leads to spraying champagne and beer all over the place.   And Puig opening two beers with his teeth was a pro move.  Yeah I know they’re twist off bottles but whatever.  Still a solid move.