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I Can't Fathom Being a Big Enough Asshole to Call the Big Ten Playing Football Its 'Darkest Day'

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this article by USA Today's Christine Brennan before I read it a couple more times and it made me legitimately angry. There are so many things just in her tweet, let alone the article, that are so patently absurd it's unbelievable.

My immediate thought was I can't fathom the balls it takes to call the universally-praised decision to play football this fall — every president in the league voted to play after being informed by medical experts it was safe to do so — the "darkest day in Big Ten history." I don't really want to go too far down this path, but suffice it to say that just in this past decade, there were literally two Big Ten schools who were running what can only be described as organized sexual assault rings. So that might be a little worse.

And then how about saying the Big Ten "became the SEC"? First of all, the Big Ten will never even be close to the SEC in terms of football, so knock it off with that nonsense. But then there's the obvious implication that the SEC is just a bunch of ne'er-do-wells who only care about football at all costs. Never mind the fact the SEC has a couple of the best public universities — plus Vanderbilt — in the country and is able to do pretty awesome stuff academically because of the money that's raked in from being great at football, too. Some of us can go to class and still have hobbies, Christine.

USA Today — As proof, one only had to look at the conference’s prudent August decision to shut down fall sports in the midst of the global pandemic. It was only natural that the Big Ten would follow the Ivy League, and that the Pac-12 would follow the Big Ten. It was a tough decision, heartbreaking and costly, but it was the right one.

That’s the Big Ten for you, concerned about science, medicine and safety. Let the football factories of the SEC, Big 12 and ACC (Clemson’s playground) continue playing; the Big Ten was doing the right thing looking out for its student-athletes, treating them almost no differently than the student body at large, and that was all that mattered.

Will you get a load of this asshole? I've been around Vanderbilt fans that aren't even this condescending.

I would be willing to bet every single football player who has not chosen to opt out of the season was as happy hearing the news the Big Ten was playing football as they've been to hear anything in years. Does it not stand to reason that a conference that actually did originally cancel its season would not reverse that decision unless there was overwhelming evidence that it was safe to play?

It was not the coaches and athletic directors who voted unanimously to return to play. It was the university presidents with doctorate degrees. Those people would not have reversed their decision if they were not thoroughly convinced it was safe for all these kids to play.

I would encourage anyone who did not graduate from Northwestern to go read Brennan's entire piece about what a piece of shit you are for wanting there to be college football, something millions of people enjoy and that those participating wanted back so desperately. She knows better than you.