Remembering All The Awful Takes About The Steelers Trading For Minkah Fitzpatrick

One year ago tonight the Steelers put their nuts on the line by sending 2020 first round pick to the Dolphins in exchange for what turned out to be 1st team All-Pro Minkah Fitzpatrick. 

And ohhhhh boy did the god awful fiery hot takes come in about how BADLY the Steelers lost this one from the moment Schefty tweeted it. 

I want to be on record for saying I always knew this was a great trade. The Steelers were never going to "tank". Even without Ben, they had enough good players and good coaching under Tomlin to not make that a top-5 pick PLUS they were getting an amazing player in Minkah. 

Others did not agree. 

You're right, Samuel. He's actually one of the two best safeties in the league after being 1st-team All-Pro.\

Coming from someone who has Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry in Browns uniforms as their profile picture this is laugh out loud funny. 

"Massive L"!!!! Nice call, Jaysen2k26. 

This was an all-timer. So Ed Bouchette it hurts. If someone would have said to me at the time, "Joey, who is the one Steelers writer who will disagree with this trade?" without even hesitating it would be Ed Bouchette. 

"In one word: Dumb."

Narrator: "The move, in fact, was not dumb. Not dumb at all."


"Really dumb."

Top 10 pick yes very rich. 

Nice punchline, Jeff. 

God damn these are so funny. 

No one better to end on than Ol' Nick Wright.