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JJ Redick's Story Of Getting Kicked Out Of A Game For Telling A Ref 'Fuck You Guys' Makes Me Finally Respect Him

I wondered what it would take for me to finally respect JJ Redick and now I realized it. It's him talking shit to a ref. It's actually even more than that, it's doing it in a perfect, funny way. I don't respect refs. They are the worst. If they are bad at their job, there's no repercussion and it ruins my mood. But this? This is how you do it. This is how you get ejected from a game. It reminds me of the old Jim Valvano:

 'can you give me a T for what I'm thinking'

ref: 'no, I can't Jim.'

Valvano: "I think you suck.' 

There's an art when it comes to talking shit to refs. You have to toe the line perfectly and know when to get a technical or kicked out of the game. Sure anyone can lose their shit on a ref and get a technical, but there's something about dropping a line like this that makes it even better. And I love the way Redick did it. Hit Bennet Salvatore with the ole okey-doke that he was about to compliment him on a great reffed game. Hit him with it so good, he dropped his whistle in disbelief. 

I still can't believe JJ turned into this funny, entertaining guy. Remember him at Duke? He was the worst. Everyone outside of Duke fans hated him and I mean legit HATED him. He's one of the all-time college hoops villains. Now he's doing podcasts, is funny, entertaining. I never thought we'd get here but I have nothing but respect for JJ now after this ref story.