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The Excuses The Clippers Made For Choking The Series Away Is Nothing Short Of Pathetic

I'm sorry, but what? How pathetic can you get when you blow a 3-1 lead with multiple double digit second half leads? You're tired? That's the sorriest one of them all. If you can't play 5 minute stretches without getting winded you're not conditioned and probably playing tight. That simple. The Nuggets punched them in the mouth and the Clippers collapsed. That's the only way to explain what happened. They couldn't guard Nikola Jokic. Kawhi and Paul George sucked in close out games. The coaching decisions were absolutely baffling. There's no excuse except the Nuggets were better than you and outplayed you when it mattered. Spare me the whole 'chemistry' bullshit too. The Heat have a first year star in Jimmy Butler come into the organization and they look pretty good. The Lakers brought in Anthony Davis and they haven't missed a beat. If you want to be in the same category as those types of players you can't be making these sorry ass excuses. 

Usually I'd try to spinzone this, but there's no spinzone. It's just pathetic. Then again, the play especially by the stars were more pathetic than this. And what in the living hell is Paul George talking about? It wasn't championship or bust because it was year 1? Uhh, remember this? 

Slightly different tone than we weren't worried about winning a championship. I'm starting to think this is why the Clippers have NEVER made the conference finals in the history of the organization. You can't be this pathetic and expect to win. At some point you have to be tough and not fold under pressure.