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Robby Anderson Learning About The Panthers Mascot For The First Time Is A Wild Ride

I’ve watched this video about 20 times so far and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. What a goddamn delight. The random cuts to mascots during all these COVID games has already been decently funny. Like their whole job is predicated on entertaining the fans in the stands and seeing them do their full routines in empty stadiums has been peak 2020 absurdity. So Sir Purr going crazy to a crowd of zero was certainly worthy of questioning by Robby Anderson. If we start from that point me and Robby are on the exact same wave length. And that’s exactly where we end being on the same wave length as he takes this in directions I never saw coming.

“What’s the bear doing?” was asked in a way that makes it seem as if a rogue bear waltzed into the stadium and animal control needed to be phone pronto. It was his first game in Carolina so I’m gonna give him the smallest pass for forgetting he was on the Panthers since he quickly remembered after DJ Moore disgustingly retorted, “BEAR?!” From there it was chaos. “You call him Sir Purr? Like,, to his face?” Uhh, yeah dude. We call people by their names. This is a society that’s one of the first things you learn. This man was knighted show some gosh darn respect. I also like to think this was the first time Curtis Samuel had ever even spoken to Robby the way he interjected. “IT’S SIR PURR. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. THIS IS HIS REALM, HIS KINGDOM AS FAR AS THE SUN STRETCHES.” And then the head shake at the end. By this point his mind is completely pretzeled. He thinks DJ, Curtis and Sir Purr are close personal friends. His whole world view is shattered. He went from thinking that was a bear to believing it to be a real life panther who kicks it with the fellas away from the office. I need a weekly video series where Robby Anderson gets introduced to a new mascot just to see his reaction. Imagine they’re playing in Philly and the Phanatic and Gritty are in the stands? He’d never recover.