Sounds Like Big Ten Football Is Back, Again, After Being Back But Not Really Being Back

This is laughable at this point and a REALLY bad look on B1G commissioner Adam Kevin Warren. The amount of flipping, flopping, and back and forths paired with a complete and total lack of communication between the conference and it's institutions is just awful on every level. But *so long as we have football* all will be forgiven, unless they fuck this up like baseball tried to a bunch of times BUT WHO GIVES A SHIT!!! Big Ten Football is BACK! 

PSU and Harbaugh both called out the league and said what they're doing sucks and there is no communication with anyone. I get these are weird times, but communication is one thing that should never halt because of the pandemic and unfortunately, it looks like it did.

Let's start with last week when some yacht dude on twitter said the Big Ten was reversing course from their orginal reversal of playing a season, to not playing a season, to playing a season:

Yeah okay guy. Sure thing. I mean it's 30K followers and I'm a textbook example of a random internet idiot falling face first into scoops, but unless you have some sort of credibility, history or a legit publication backing you, I probably am taking your "scoop" with a grain of salt. Sorry, that's just how it is for me personally.

But then we had more and more smoke coming out the last week or so that lead us to believe he might be right... or at the very least not wrong... and then BOOM, an anvil drops on our heads courtesy of a hot mike: 

and now alllllll the Big J's are reporting B1G football will be BACK this fall. 

Hallelujah!!! And spare me the bullshit - these kids are absolutely, without question safer playing football than not playing football. Without it, they wouldn't be tested every day, they'd be doing dumb shit that 18-22 year olds do, and they'd be spreading the shit like wildfire. Now that they're under the watch of entire staffs and being tested every day? MUCH better situation IMO. But I'm not a doctor. Just trying my best to use common sense.

But anyways, what does this mean? Well for one it means Northwestern is winning the B1G this year with all of that extra practice/film time. That's a given. Queue the music! 

After that… no idea. I'm sure there will be outbreaks. I'm sure there will be complications that threaten a restart. But if Manfred can do it, anyone can. This was great news on a Wednesday morning. OSU can go fuck itself.