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This Stat About How Bad Paul George (THE Playoff P) Was In Game 7 Is Legit Laugh Out Loud Funny

I can't stop laughing at how ridiculous this sounds. The Clippers traded 5 first round picks in order to land Paul George - a man who calls himself Playoff P. PLAYOFF P! What did they get? Missed out on the Western Conference Finals for the 50th straight season in a row and a 4-for-16 from the field in game 7. And sure, Kawhi was bad and the Clippers were awful, but they don't call themselves Playoff P. All Paul George had to do was make 6 field goals and no one is talking about this stat. This tweet isn't going viral, instead the man was hitting the side of the backboard. 

And we'll talk about the Nuggets later too simply because they are so damn fun. But holy shit what an all-time failure by Paul George and the Clippers. Up 3-1, blowing second half leads. All things considered it's one of the biggest series failures in recent NBA history. It's not the Warriors blowing it 3-1, but it's bad. 

Playoff P. Still the most asinine nickname out there.