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Today, Which Included Coach O Saying Most Of LSU's Team Has Had COVID, Was Not A Great Day For College Football COVID Wise

We'll start with Coach O, who said most of his team has had COVID already. I don't think LSU is an outlier here, just yesterday there was a report that Texas Tech had already amassed 75 players with COVID since June:

The good news is no players were hospitalized. The bad news is we have no idea what the long term effects of this are. I won't pretend to know that or whether or not these players are "safer" playing football or not. 

2 other teams appear to be dealing with a COVID outbreak right now. We'll start in Florida:

Although, there are other reports indicating that FAU will still play this Saturday against Georgia Southern:

Arkansas State won their game this past weekend down 8 starters due to COVID. That outbreak has left them with no choice but to cancel their game against Central Arkansas:

This is just going to be a reality for the remainder of this season. COVID outbreaks are going to happen every week I assume. That includes gameday announcements. On Saturday, Georgia Southern announced 33 players weren't going to be available just hours before gametime. The same thing happened with Arkansas State. It's gonna be a weird yall, we'll stay on top of it.