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Drew Barrymore Has A New Talk Show And It Is ROUGH

Maybe in my old age I'm getting soft, I know I am, but I truly don't take any pleasure in writing this blog. I know I'm not the target audience so who even really cares what I think about this show? Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway.

It's bad. It's really bad. One of the most impressive things I've done in my life is get through that one minute clip. I can't say that I ever had particularly passionate takes on Drew Barrymore, one way or the other, but that pop culture clip was unbearable. She sounded like a drunk girl who was assuring everyone that she was totally fine and wanted to do a round of tequila. I mean how many words can we mispronounce in a one minute clip? Drew was operating at a level there that's usually reserved for presidential candidates. The jokes are bad, the weird glasses spinning and pronouncing words like a weirdo are bad, and the random claps from I guess producers make it somehow seem even worse. It's a whole goddamn debacle, but I'm sure they'll love it in the midwest. Idk why, just wanted to throw a shot at them.