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What Would a Pickup Basketball Game Look Like Between Pardon My Take Against Dan Patrick and the Danettes?

On today's Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter welcomed on fellow Big J Dan Patrick. The former "Sports Jeopardy!" host stopped by to talk the B1G returning, NBA, NFL, and more. But the best athletes that were discussed during his interview involved his crew and our crew in a potential pickup hoops game. Who would win? The guys broke it down here:

Mr. Cat: We are going to come to Connecticut, we were planning on it, and then Coronavirus happened.

Dan Patrick: Who are you bringing? It's you two.

Mr. Cat: It's going to be our crew. Me, PFT, Hank, so I think Billy Football, our intern, will be our fourth. And we'll play 3-on-3. What do you put the line at? Games to 21. 

Dan Patrick: How good is the intern here? 

Mr. Cat: He's tall, but I don't think he really plays basketball. He probably plays basketball like a football player, so probably doesn't know what he's doing. 

Dan Patrick: Yeah, but that guy can be dangerous. 

Mr. Cat: Alright, so we'll pick a Danette that he can only sub in and out with. 

Dan Patrick: So, first to 21?

Mr. Cat: Yeah, it's going to take DAYS. We're going to have to get a hotel, we're going to have to create a bubble, because 21 will take a long time, but we'll do it. Who are you betting on?

Dan Patrick: I'd have to see you guys shoot around here because I know that you love playing and you've got an unfair advantage. You've seen the Danette's, you've seen us scrimmage against Adam Sandler. So, you know. I have no idea.

Mr. Commenter: Put it this way, it's been about six years since I've played a competitive game of basketball, but I just touched rim over the weekend. So you should be afraid of that. 

Dan Patrick: Well, you're athletic. Because I saw when you were trying out as a placekicker. And obviously you got meaty thighs because I'm seeing them right in front of me. 

Mr. Cat: I think we would win. I actually think it would all come down to how Hank's stamina is. 

Dan Patrick: How good is Hank?

Mr. Cat: Hank is the perfect sixth man. He's like a microwave, when he gets hot, he stays hot. But if he gets cold, he's just going to be throwing it out of the gym. But if his stamina is there, the Danette's would be screwed, but Hank also smokes weed, we all do, so that probably goes against us.

Sad to see that I missed the cut for Team PMT's active roster. Nobody has the amount of heart and hustle I bring to to the floor. I will prep to call this game and may be a bit biased towards a certain team if and when it ever happens.