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Navy's Ken Niumatalolo Forced To Apologize To Pentagon

It's been a brutal two weeks for Navy's Ken Niumatalolo. We are only 8 days removed from the brutal showing by his football team on national TV. You may remember that this was partly to do with Navy not tackling since the year 2019 prior to their matchup with BYU:

Now, Ken is being forced to apologize to the Pentagon for his comments about the Commander-In-Chief Trophy:

SOURCE-Navy football coach Ken Niumatalolo apologized for blaming Pentagon officials for the fact there will be a Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy series in 2020.

Niumatalolo maintained his stance that moving forward with the round-robin service academy series under the current circumstances makes no sense and sullies the meaning of the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy, but admitted his frustrations were misplaced.

Maybe it's because I'm more of an Army guy than Navy, but this is just one of those things you really hate to see. Niumatalolo has gone from the coach that is considered for a P5 opening every single offseason to the coach apologizing for all his fuck ups. 

“I should not have said some of the stuff I said and I’m sorry I did,” Niumatalolo told The Capital Monday night. “The Pentagon has nothing to do with this and it was wrong of me to suggest that was the case. I was just frustrated and let my emotions get the best of me."

Jeff Monken would never.