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Tiffany Trump Dropped a Song & The Reviews Are Surprisingly Mixed

I guess I am late to the party on this one but apparently back in 2011 the last Trump child on the emergency phone tree dipped her toe into the world of pop music and I'm not exactly sure why, but her music hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. 

Feast your ears on the vocal stylings of a then 18 year old Tiffany Trump from her debut single "Like A Bird". You're welcome.  

Growing up the child of a billionaire has to be hard, sometimes you probably just want to fly away. Like a bird. 

Let me first say that I am all about children of famous people using their leg-up in the entertainment biz to launch their pop music careers, it's been my families business model since the early 1970's. Also, I wouldn't describe the 15 or so years I spent working in the music industry as a total "success" (see massive credit card debt) but I did learn a few things about what makes a hit... and this song is a fucking banger. 

Based on the reaction I got when I started blasting Like A Bird at my desk i'm guessing some of you might not agree with my correct take. Some of you might be saying things like: "this is the worst song ever fucking made" or "why did you give my ears a cancer there is no cure for" or "I would literally rather listen to a recording of my parents doin anal than listen this song" - to which I would say, if it wasn't a perfectly crafted pop song from a world class talent, then why are the amazon customer reviews so good? 

Like an ocean. 

You and me both A. McKee, it haunts me. 

This one made me tear up. 

Hard to argue with… 

At first listen, you might think it's the song's production that is the stand out element, especially during the chorus where Tiffany perfectly mimics the sound of a dying bird for dramatic effect, but after listening on loop for the majority of the morning, I think it's the lyrics that make this a master piece.

Diamonds are so shiny
Special things I got on me
You know what you say
Baby, baby don't you go
Everybody's partying
Obessin' over crazy things
I just want serenity
While living it up

It's like she speaking for all of us. 

Unfortunately it seems that Tiffany knew the world wasn't ready for her full project and the only other track I could find was was the equally good "Paranoia" (below). 

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