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'Thank You And Go Heat, Bitch' - Dwyane Wade Finally Figured Out The Perfect Social Media Post

Sometimes it's something simple to get you ready for a playoff series. This is it. Dwyane Wade fucking hates the Celtics, makes me actually like him a bit. I've said it numerous times before, but we need more of this across sports. Stop pretending like you don't hate certain franchises and give canned answers. I don't care if you're a retired player, coach, a current player, coach, roleplayer or star. Talk your shit on social media and in person. 

I love this post. Bringing in The Rock and a Rock Bottom just warms my wrestling fan heart. Hating the Celtics is one of my favorite things in all of sports. Yeah, I know, this is what happens when you cheer for the Knicks. But I say if you can't hate a franchise or program so much you cheer against them no matter what, you don't know how to truly hate. Not to mention these two franchises do actually hate each other

Perfect, simple post. Wade figured it out. Go Heat, bitch.