KEEP THE GOOD NEWS COMING: Orlando Is Reportedly Going To Host Eight Different College Basketball Tournaments To Start The Season

Let's fucking gooooooooo! Keep the good news coming, folks. Keep the good news coming. I've said for months I will save this college hoops season if it's the last thing I do. Positive vibes and the NCAA using its brain is doing just that. We have the Battle 4 Atlantis going to Sioux Falls and now 8 different tournaments going to Orlando? That's going to be AWESOME. I wish they'd combine it all for one big one, but we can save that for the end of the season anyways. 

And I'll tell you what, if this is the plan for nonconference games, I'm all for it. Get as many in as possible and build some time with conference play to make this season as close to normal as possible. We're a day away from seeing the start of the season, which sounds like November 21: 

And this is why college hoops has been awesome. The work by Dan Gavitt and the NABC operating as commissioners of the sport essentially is why we're getting this vs college football all over the damn place. Get us to November. There's a legit chance I cry when college hoops comes on my TV again. I love it and miss it that much. Getting the NCAA Tournament taken from us just broke me in half man. Until then, gonna watch this