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Dave Roberts "Took Exception" To Trent Grisham's Pimp Job Off Kershaw Last Night And Wants To Play The Dangerous Game Of Telling The Padres How To Play Baseball The Right Way

The NL West race has quickly turned into a dog fight to see who will sit at the top by season's end. America's new favorite team the San Diego Padres have won eight straight games to pull themselves within a game and a half of the Dodgers after last night's W. With 12 games to go, the Dodgers now have legitimate worry about letting this once foregone conclusion slip away. It's awesome. 

On Monday night these two teams faced off against each other with a playoff atmosphere surrounding the contest. Clayton Kershaw vs. the fantastic Dinelson Lamet. Oh baby what a matchup. The Dodgers held a one run lead in the 6th until Trent Grisham took Kershaw deep to tie it up. Given the intensity of the game Grisham admired his shot and stared right into the Padres dugout to fire everyone up as he trotted down first. I mean you hit a game tying bomb off Kershaw in that big of a game you can do whatever you want as far as I'm concerned.  The Dodgers did not like this one bit and were chirping Grisham as he rounded third. You can hear someone yell "shut the fuck up" as he touches home. I'm assuming that's a member of the Padres yelling back at the chirpers.

Here's a better look at what Grisham did following detonation. 

Really nothing bad there at all in my mind. So what if he admired it for a few seconds? Did you see where that thing landed? Game-tying homer in a division battle, that's fair game. He's also yelling at his teammates to fire them up. If he's talking shit to the Dodgers jogging to first that's another story, but he was pumping up his own guys, so who cares? Kershaw certainly didn't seem to be bothered. 

I think the controversy should stop there and you move on. Well not according to Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. 

Uh oh. Another manager calling out the Padres for disrespecting the game. Do we remember what happened to the Texas Rangers? They were literally never heard from again. Banished to the underworld. Death via grand slams. They hear the crack of the bat now and assume they've given up a grand slam. They may have to fold the franchise based on the carnage the Padres caused in that series. Dave Roberts really wants to dip his toe in that water over a little pimp job? Tread carefully sir. 

You think admiring homers is cool, but Kershaw deserves more respect? How about Bumgarner last year when Muncy told him to basically fuck off? I mean what are we doing here?

You can't have it both ways. Either no pimping homers and showing up guys, or you let it all go. The answer is you let it all go. Let the boys play. Telling the Padres what they can and can't do it may be the worst 2020 baseball strategy imaginable. They might hang 20 on you tonight. 

Go Fathers Go. Dethrone these bums and continue to make baseball fun again. 

By the way, looks like Padres manager Jayce Tingler went to managing/common sense school since the Tatis Jr. debacle. 

Standing up for your players? Who woulda thought? What a crazy concept.