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Hottest PPE Right Now? Louis Vuitton's $961 Face Shield

I believe back in march I made a joke about Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands cashing in on the mask craze. At that time, I did not know how crazy COVID was going to get.

The crazy thing is about this face-covering from Louis Vuitton is it 100% has a market. Yeah, you can make your jokes about late-stage capitalism and feel smart, but these are going to be flying off the shelves for the new wave of internet rich kids.

The $1000 face covering from Louis V is the ultimate flex on the poor sheep. If I'm one of those TikTok stars? I'm buying this immediately. Tell me you can't imagine one of the Paul brothers in these. Yeah, everyone is going to make fun of you on social media for wearing it, but guess what? That attention is only gonna make you richer.

Luxury retailer Louis Vuitton is launching a $961 — it’s listed for 750 British pounds — plastic face shield for those who prefer to strut to the grocery store in designer wares. The pricey piece of personal protective equipment (PPE), meant to block aerosolized droplets from sick passersby, will be on sale starting Oct. 30, at select locations, as part of the French brand’s 2021 Cruise Collection.

Rich people are going on cruises? During a pandemic? Huh?