White Sox vs. Twins LIVE BLOG!!!

Catching my drift here? It's ALL happening. Queue up Penny Lane!!! 

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And my good friend Rick (Hahn) went on MLB Net this afternoon and, needless to say, his interview reaffirmed everything I've been saying over the years… That this team is going to fucking terrify people come 2020, but STILL have room to add and grow and waddya know? They have the best record in the AL with 17 games left.

You can watch the entire interview here:

The White Sox are a fucking WAGON, having gone 20-5 in their last 25 games, and are embarking on their most important series in I don't know, a decade? More? Tonight vs the Twins. It's a 4 game set and can absolutely make or break a division title for this weird ass season, depending on how it shakes out. It's a 4 game set at Sox park between the best team in the AL and one of the next best teams in the AL:

Fucking feed it to me. FEED IT TO ME. Owen says it best:

HUGE series. Fuck splitting it. Go take 3 or 4 games and exert dominance on that goddamn team that has been the bane of the White Sox existence for a LONG time. Fuck the Twins. Fuck em in the ear. 

Cease vs. Berrios tonight. Most books have Sox at +125 or so on the money line. Fuck all of that. Sox win 9-3. Hammer it.