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The Double Doink Has Been Signed By The Cleveland Browns

I mean, is there any more of a Browns move than this one? Yes, we definitely need a new kicker. Austin Seibert missed an extra point and a field goal yesterday.....both in the first half. He has now missed 6 extra points and has only made 83% of field goals since being drafted in the 5th round in 2019. What a steal of a pick by John Dorsey. But yes, I don't think there's anyone in Cleveland that thinks we need to see any more of Austin Seibert. And it looks like Andrew Berry agrees. Seibert = GONE. 

And thank god the Browns went out and signed this INCREDIBLY ACCURATE kicker to take his place.

Giphy Images.

Here's the complete video for any of our Chicago readers that forget this scene:

I mean, how Cleveland is this? The most memorable missed kick in NFL history. And now he's a Cleveland Brown. Welcome back, Mr. Parkey! Don't forget that he was a Brown in 2016, too. 

Look, this guy very well might be the best kicker available (history says he stinks), but how come the Browns had to go get him? Just like we had to bring in Johnny Manziel. Classic Browns move. Then we thought we outsmarted everyone by drafting Baker Mayfield #1 overall. Turns out he stinks too. Now we need a kicker? Bring in the laughing stock kicker of the league. He'll fit right in here.

If I know my Cleveland Browns, Cody Parkey is hitting the goal post on Thursday night vs. the Bengals. You just watch.