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Donald Trump Says He Will Do A FOUR HOUR Debate With Joe Biden If It's Moderated By Joe Rogan

Ppppppplllllleeeeeasssseeee make this happen. I would put the percentages of this actually coming to fruition at maybe .00001%. I don't think either guy would want to do this, but Trump beat Biden to accepting so now the ball is in Biden's court. Power move. 

It's crazy, but Rogan is the only guy I really trust to moderate a debate. We've seen him do it before. Not with politicians but between people who have opposing views on diet or ancient civilization or really anything and it always works out great. Rogan uses the disclaimer that people shouldn't listen to him too much because he says "I am a moron, I am caveman" etc. is everyone else. Rogan is literally King of the Cavemen and that is a powerful thing. He is open to new ideas and gives everyone a fair shake with the least amount of personal politics or agenda possible. He's honestly perfect for this job and the fact that the President of the United States has agreed to do a debate with Rogan is just another thing that confirms that he is likely the most powerful person in all of media right now. People trust him. He is seemingly uncancel-able. He is perfect. Make this happen and get your popcorn ready.