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Not Enough Can Be Said About How Good Chase Young Looked In His NFL Debut


That's a play of a guy making his first ever NFL start, in his first ever NFL quarter, with no preseason. Preposterous. He's double teamed/chipped, still gets off the spin move, and gets the sack fumble on a second effort from the ground. That's Chase Young's first NFL sack. 

This was almost his second, but it was called back due to an offsides flag:



Untouched, causing the INT in a pivotal part of the game. All Chase Young does is disrupt. It's all he does. That's how a team gets 8 sacks on the day. Because if you double Chase, you have everyone else flying in from every angle. The final tallies were:

2 - Ryan Kerrigan 

1.5 - Chase Young 

1.5 - Matt Ioannidis 

1 - Montez Sweat 

1 - Jon Bostic 

0.5 - Jon Allen 

0.5 - DaRon Payne


And congrats to the legend Ryan Kerrigan for becoming the WFT's all time leader in sacks.



It's a shame Kerrigan doesn't get the love he deserves across the league. Just 4 fewer sacks than another guy in his draft class, maybe you've heard of him…



All Kerrigan has done is produce. It's all he's done. 

This defensive line is fucking crazy. Was a thrill to watch yesterday. And Chase is only going to get better. Look at him in run defense, against a double team:



Bananas. Cannot say enough good things about him. If you were one of those people who thought because he didn't have a sack in the Clemson game that he'd be a bust, shame on you. SHAME SHAME SHAME! You know who you are and you have to live with that forever. As for everyone else, just enjoy. We might really be watching something special here. It's early, but man. What a debut.