There Is No More Football Guy Move Than Proposing After Your NAIA Game

Football Guy of the Week was pretty well locked up on Friday night when a Mississippi high school coach, who was supposed to be quarantined due to COVID, coached from a lift behind the bleachers. But Southwestern College assistant football coach James Bauer made a pretty good run at it when he proposed to his girlfriend following the Moundbuilders' 41-21 win over Tabor College on Saturday.

This is a great litmus test for how well your marriage as a football coach will go. If she's that happy and excited after being proposed to following an NAIA football game, that's a pretty good sign she will be accepting of the Football Guy lifestyle.

And planning out some romantic scavenger hunt that eventually leads to a trail of rose petals and the guy down on one knee is overdone anyway. Having an entire football team there hyping you up is a much better atmosphere — unless she says no, in which case you've got a real Michael Scott Diwali situation on your hands.

But congratulations to Coach Bauer and his new fiancée on their engagement and good luck to the Moundbuilders the rest of this season.