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These Lions Fans Celebrating Thinking D'Andre Swift Scored Is a Perfect Encapsulation of 2020

Sometimes I wonder if there are worse teams to root for than the Atlanta Falcons, a team which had its best chance at a championship end in a spectacular conflagration and which disappoints at seemingly every turn. Then I remember the Detroit Lions exist.

After giving up 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter, the Lions had one final chance to win the game with a last-second touchdown. But then D'Andre Swift dropped a wide-open pass in the end zone with just a few seconds remaining which would have won the game for Detroit.

And then you see the guys above who celebrated for a good few seconds thinking they had just gotten off to a 1-0 start only to look back at the TV to realize Swift had dropped the pass. The way Swift's body was turned and hid the ball just made for the perfect heartbreaking false celebration. Never celebrate until you see the players celebrating, kids.

But I think in this year of general hellishness, we can all sympathize with Detroit Lions fans a little bit.