Shaun Wade, Son Of The Ohio State Parent Who Flew To Chicago To Protest The Big Ten, Has Opted Out Of The Season

Well, that sucks. But you can't blame the guy for wanted to secure the bag of millions of dollars, especially when the Big Ten has been so inept and disorganized and flat out embarrassing over the past couple months. Shaun Wade has given Kevin Warren and the Presidents as long as he possibly can. But with no vote to return to play STILL, he's opting to go pro.

The question is.....if the Big Ten decides to return today or tomorrow like they are rumored to, does he come back? What about Wyatt Davis? A lot of people are thinking that's possible, but I'd say no. Shaun Wade is reading the tealeaves just like the rest of the world right now. We know we're probably coming back, but he's decided it's his best move to opt out and turn pro. I'm happy for him, but I must say I'm a little intrigued as to how he came to this conlusion....for multiple reasons.

The first being that he decided NOT to go pro this offseason. I know he's now a consensus top 10 pick with no film from this year, but still, just a little weird. I was hoping that competition for a national title at Ohio State was enough to hold off the NFL training for a bit longer, but again, can't blame him one bit. 

The other reason this is an interesting decision is because his dad, Randy, was the one flying to from Florida to Chicago to protest the Big Ten's decision and lack of communication.

I mean, I guess it's just like that at Ohio State. Randy Wade wanted what was best for all of the athletes, not just specifically his kid. Kudos to you, Randy.

And to all you little Michigan fans out there that woke up excited this morning because Ohio State's second 1st rounder just opted out of the season, just shut up. This has absolutely no effect on the Buckeye's 100% chance of beating you and winning the Big Ten for the millionth straight year. It has become clear to me that Michigan and their governor are in kahoots trying to delay the season long enough that all of our 1st rounders opt out, but the thing they don't realize is even our backups are going to be 1st rounders some day.