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A Lot Of People Owe Mitch An Apology

Alright I pretty much said everything I need to say in that video but I'll write some words anyways just to make this more of a blog. I have been pumping Mitch's shit for as long as I can remember and it's for moments like this. Feels so good to be right. 

Despite this natural and sincere positivity, a lot of people spent their Sunday afternoon talking shit to me about how much Mitch blows. Lot's of Johnny Come Lately's if you ask me. I don't know how these folks got up today and looked themselves in the mirror. As an honest man of humble backgrounds, I'm willing to forgive you. Although honestly Mitch should probably beat you up for these kind of steaming hot shit takes:

That's what kills me about Mitch. It's not the throws or the reads or the unbridled athleticism. It's that the deck is already stacked against him and it literally takes a miraculous final 10 minutes to get a portion of this city to open up to him. Makes me fucking sick you guys don't understand what's at stake here. Bunch of negative nancies walking around on a Holy Sunday with a stick up their ass. Lighten up boys. The nickname is 10God for a reason. Keep that same energy* next Sunday.

*Always wanted to say that

PS - seriously though if you were named in this blog you need to handwrite Mitch an apology and mail it to 

Mitchell Trubisky
1920 Football Dr
Lake Forest, IL 60045