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So Whose Brilliant Idea Was It To Bring Sports Back In The First Place?

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

You always have to be careful what you wish for. We spent so many months dreaming about the day that sports returned to our lives. We couldn't wait to return back to normalcy. 

However, we received a massive kick straight to the scrotum yesterday afternoon and remembered that for the most part, all "normalcy" really entails is constant rage and disappointment. 

Between the Eagles just giving up and collapsing, the Sixers getting swept out of the 1st round, and the Flyers getting shutout in a game 7? It's just that whoever decided we should rush to get back to sports is starting to look like a total dickhead.

Just think back on your life in May or June. It was probably the most calm you've ever been. Everybody was finally settling into their new routines, you probably picked up a new hobby you were genuinely enjoying, and you didn't have Philly sports teams constantly ripping your heart out of your chest, chewing it up and spitting it out. 

But no. We just haaaaaaad to get sports back in our lives. And look at us now. Back to normal and as miserable as ever. Just waking up on Monday mornings hating everything about yourself and the teams you root for. Rage and disappointment. That is what's on the menu for the next few months. Hope you're hungry. 

Sidenote: I can't wait to completely overreact the other way when the Eagles get their first win and get my hopes up for another Super Bowl run.