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Despite The Win, The Washington Football Team Did Dwayne Haskins No Favors By Not Getting Him Another Weapon On Offense Over The Offseason


Dwayne Haskins played alright yesterday. Not great, not good, but not bad. Just alright. And that's not the worst thing in the world. I'm not bashing him at all. I'm a huge Dwayne Haskins supporter. I generally think NFL fans don't give young QBs NEARLY enough time to develop anymore before screaming "BUST!!!!" and demanding to move on. Starting QB in the NFL is the hardest job in the world, it takes time to get used to it and get comfortable, often times multiple seasons. So I'm encouraged by how Haskins improved from the 1st half to the 2nd half yesterday. He showed poise when he needed to and led the WFT to multiple scoring drives in a row. It was awesome.

What wasn't great though were the weapons around Haskins. I'm still befuddled how they did not get him another weapon at WR or TE to help make his life much, much easier. Terry McLaurin cannot do it all by himself. I like Steven Sims Jr- he's shown flashes, but is inconsistent, as you would expect a 2nd year undrafted free agent to be. And then after that, not much doing at the WR position.

Then there's TE. Logan Thomas, the former VTech QB, is our starter. And he looked fine in flashes. But again- not the support Haskins needs. Imagine a veteran, proven TE that Haskins can rely on? It would simplify his life SO MUCH. Sure Logan Thomas has potential, but his career highs are 16 catches for 173 yards. 

Without a great O-line, Haskins struggled at times yesterday to get rid of the ball quickly, and it wasn't helped by the lack of receivers being open downfield, nor a tight end he could dump the ball off to. So it begs the question- should the Washington Football Team be calling up the Browns today to inquire once again about David Njoku? I think yes. The Browns are paying Austin Hooper and have rookie TE Harison Bryant as well. Njoku has been on the trading block for a year now, and he would be perfect for Haskins. I'd offer a 4th and then part with a 3rd rounder for him, even if it's over paying. With how good the defense played yesterday, let's give Haskins some support he badly needs. It's not a panic move, it's an important move to allow him to properly progress as an NFL quarterback. It's really hard to get better when you have nobody to throw to.

I know they tried to sign Amari Cooper and he decided to stay and lose in Dallas, but it is still astonishing how little help Haskins has been provided. Antonio Gibson looked solid for his first NFL action yesterday, but he can only do so much. Antonio Gandy-Golden, the big 4th rounder out of Liberty was inactive yesterday, so that's where he's at in his development. There's a lot of potential on this team, but Haskins needs help now, or he won't develop. I'm sure there's a few other guys out there, but Njoku makes a lot of sense, and I hope they are at least inquiring about him today.