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Aaron Donald Is A One Man Human Wrecking Machine


He's a freak, he's the strongest man alive. Aaron Donald is being held by number 52 Connor Williams, who weighs in at 6'5, 298 pounds. He runs through that, and then plows through the double team of Zack Martin and Trysten Hill, 6'4 315 and 6'3, 308, respectively. I mean he goes through them like a bowling ball, doesn't even flinch, and then dummies Dak to end the play. There's like, 4 people in human history who can make a play like this. It's almost rude to be that good at football, but one of those 4 people is Chase Young, so I give it a pass.

Great effort by the Cowboys tonight. Almost had em. Damn. Hate to see them lose on national television. Maybe next time fellas.