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The Cowboys Are Using Performance Enhancing Drugs In Pure Daylight


Hmmmm, sureeeeee, "smelling salts". Yeah, IN YOUR BRA. Just like 16 year old you was holding those cigarettes for a friend. So it begs the question, are the Cowboys so addicted to drugs they are doing them right in front of our eyes on national television? Sure looks like it to me. It's something called hiding in plain sight, ever heard of it? Everson Griffen got out of Minnesota and now is spiraling out of control. This is just the Cowboys way, and it's sad. A terrible example for the youth of America. 

If Goodell had a spine he'd march right into that stadium and drug test Everson Griffen on the spot. But he won't, because Goodell probably encourages this. He wants his players on Compound V. That's today's NFL for you. Disgusting.