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Ron Rivera Had To Get An IV At Halftime. Dwayne Haskins Addressed The Locker Room Instead.


Man. Keep in mind that while the season is going on, Ron Rivera is getting treated for cancer. With the WFT down 17-7 at the half, and playing poorly, the head coach had to go get an IV. So who stepped up? Dwayne Haskins. There's a reason he was voted by his teammates to be a captain this year. Leadership. He didn't play great in the 1st half. Lots of bad throws. But he didn't back down or crumble to the adversity. He stepped up, fired up the team, and they collectively had a 2nd half where they outscored the Eagles 20-0, destroyed Carson Wentz's will to live, and Haskins composed himself and led a few good drives down the field, void of mistakes. 

It pains me that this offseason they didn't get Haskins a TE or a WR to pair with McLaurin. We saw that at a few times today, when Haskins forced balls that he shouldn't have thrown. As the season progresses I hope they can develop a game plan that minimizes these types of throws and makes Haskins more comfortable, because he can't depend on McLaurin being open on every play.

But Haskins' improvement from the first half to the second half was very noticeable. He fed off the defense and didn't let them, nor Riverboat, down. That's what you like to see out of the young QB. Improvements half to half, game to game. Let's see him build upon it next week in Arizona.