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The Denver Nuggets Somehow Force A Game 7!!

They did it again! Back to back series coming back from 3-1 to force a Game 7, now a spot in the Western Conference Finals is on the line. Talk about resiliency. The Nuggets were down 16 points in Game 5, came back to win. Today, in a do or die Game 6, they once again got down by as much as 19 points. Still found a way to win and force a Game 7. As we know, anything can happen in those things. The Nuggets enter it with all the momentum in the world and a situation where maybe Jamal Murray found his shot again and Gary Harris will actually make threes. That changes a lot. On the other side, the Clippers are now on the verge of choking a prime opportunity to make their first WCF. You have a 3-1 lead AND Kawhi, that's not something you should probably lose. The good news is Kawhi has Game 7 experience, the bad news is the Nuggets have already won a Game 7 during their run, they won't be tight in that moment. 

For the most part pundits had the Clippers easily taking this series. Well nobody told the Nuggets. The Clippers blowing their multiple chances at closing this series out could prove to be their ultimate undoing. They need to play like they actually give a shit. The crazy part of Game 7s is that one random player could get hot and that's it. That's the season. The Lakers took care of business and quickly handled the Rockets. Unfortunately for the Clippers they let the Nuggets hang around, and now they are the ones playing for their basketball lives as well.

Bring on Game 7. It's going to be incredible.