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Every Single Player, Coach, And Gameday Assistant Reportedly Passed Their COVID-19 Tests Before Today's Games

Hey Covid, tell me how our ass tastes! Yeah you got out to a 28-3 lead on humanity and things looked bad for a while there. But now we have some game film on your punk ass and nothing makes the human spirit soar higher than football season. So we will continue to be smart with how we go about day-to-day lives until a To Be Determined hero creates a vaccine and drown out the boringness of coronaworld by filling our brains with football highlights, bets, fantasy shit talk, and everything else that we have been doing for years. The NFL rightfully takes a lot of shit on this blog. But shout out to everyone that gave us a a smooth Week 1 outside of whatever Mother Nature is unleashing near San Francisco because even the NFL can't stop 2020 from being 2020.