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Here is Your Round Up of 2020 Patriots Hype Videos

The Patriots have flipped a lot of scripts this year. New quarterback. New coaching staff. New linebacker corps, and so on. But of all the things that have changed, nothing is more different from years past than the forumula for that time-honored tradition, the Hype Video. 

Prior to this, they've all followed the same three act structure. A montage of haters and doubters. Pundits accusing the team of wrongdoing, claiming they're too old, insisting the Dynasty is over. Jump cut to a series of great moments, comebacks, victories. End in triumph. Repeat. 

Now there's no other way to tell this tale than by beginning at the end of Tom Brady. Transition to a discarded, disregarded Cam Newton, battling his way back, hyper-motivated to reclaim the glory that was taken from him. End in triumph. (One can only hope.) Then apply the formula to different backgrounds. Like, for instance:

The Tyrion Lannister speech about stories:

League of Legends' "Warriors":

Smooth jazz:

Newton's own words:

"Be Prepared" from the live action "Lion King":

A pep talk and "Swag Surfin'":

Given the fact we have literally no footage of Cam Newton in a Patriots uniform, these are impressive as hell. Here's to them getting better as we go toward the playoffs. Let's fucking GO.

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