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Bears At Lions - Last Mitch Effort - Live Blog

Dave Shopland. Shutterstock Images.

Today, on the 13th of September one man bearing the number 10 will enter a chamber for what could perhaps be his final time. The man entered among high expectations. The results of these expectations have yet to really come to fruition amongst his kingdom. There are now people in waiting to takeover his spot in the chamber if he shall falter during this final chance.

Will the man come out victorious?

I've got no fucking clue, but I hope so!

Week 1 is here and I'm glad that we're back. Aside from that diatribe above I think everybody in Chicago understand where we're at. Most of us aren't delusional, but alot of us are cautiously optimistic. We've seen Mitch take us to the playoffs in 2018. We know it can be done. We've also seen Mitch flounder and result in an incredibly disappointing 8-8 in 2019.

How will the Mitch rubber match end?

Does it end today with everybody calling for Foles after the 1st quarter? Is there a comeback story in the works?

Like I said - I have no fucking clue, but I do like a person when they're up against a wall and that's exactly where Mitch is at. 

His final opportunity. 

The Last Mitch Effort.

Bear Down.

No I'm not counting his rookie year under Fox where they just had him throw the ball 11 times a game and run Jordan Howard 40 times because I don't think that got us anywhere. Sorry.